How to wear a neck pillow

Place the pillow around your neck. If your neck pillow is U-shaped, fit it around the back of your neck so that the opening is over your throat. Some pillows have straps that cross the opening to keep it in place. If your pillow is not U-shaped, it may be designed to fit between your shoulder and head.


Living with anxiety? Regular exercise can help reduce the symptoms of the condition.


Everyone needs 8 hours sleep a night.

Scientific studies over the years have proven that we’re not all the same when it come to the amount of sleep we need in order to function optimally the next day. Our sleep requirements also vary over our lifespan; 16 hours is normal for a new-born, whilst adolescents generally need a couple more hours than adults.

There may be a genetic link to explain why some people can thrive on less sleep, but most of us need, on average between 7 and 8 hours sleep each night.