How to wash pillows

Tossing your pillows in the washer and dryer is a fast, simple way to get your pillows in tip-top shape. To do this at home, you’ll need a front-loading, non-agitating washing machine so your pillows aren’t damaged. If you don’t have one, consider taking your pillows to a laundromat where you can use a large commercial washer.

First, take the pillows out of the pillowcase, if necessary, and look for any tears. Damaged pillows shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine since the filling may escape. Pillow covers should be set aside so they may be washed separately per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: Put two pillows or more in the washing machine at once. To maintain a balanced load, always wash two pillows at once.

Step 3: Select the delicate wash cycle and add your preferred washing products. To prevent your pillows from shrinking during the wash cycle, use cold water.

Step 4: Wash your pillows on delicate and program an additional rinse in the washing machine. This will help to ensure that your down pillows come out of the washing machine with no detergent residue. Before taking your pillows from the washing, let the additional rinse cycle finish. This is an easy way to wash pillows at home.

Fun fact

Humans are the only mammals that delay sleep.


Older people need less sleep.

It’s a common misconception that when we get older we naturally need less sleep. Whilst it’s true that the elderly tend to experience more fractured sleep patterns, this may be a result of other health issues and the change in circadian rhythms as we age.