How to wash bed sheets

To get started, select the “cold” option when washing your sheets. Also, use the “normal cycle” (which is also called “regular” or “permanent press”). Additionally, be sure not to overstuff the washer; your sheets need some space in the drum so that water and soap can fully penetrate the fibers.


A snail can sleep for three years.

Aside from their shocking number of teeth, these small critters have some more astonishing tricks up their sleeve. Nap time for a snail can last from a few hours up to 3 years.


Eating before bed makes you overweight.

There is no magic hour after which you should fast before bed. What you want to avoid is over eating for the day and eating junk food, period—we just happen to eat more junk food in the evenings.

If you’re feeling hungry before bed, don’t starve yourself—have a small protein-packed snack (like a protein shake) in the evenings, which could potentially increase your metabolism overall.