How to wash bamboo pillow

Bamboo fabric is delicate and should be treated as such. To preserve the quality of the fabric, avoid heat exposure at all costs as it destroys the fibers and causes shrinkage. Instead, wash bamboo fabrics on a gentle cycle using lukewarm or warm water. Lastly, ensure you use a mild detergent to cleanse the fabric without damaging it.


Our cornea, the transparent front part of the eyes, doesn’t get any blood supply and receives oxygen directly from the air!


It is bad for your sleep health if you wake up during the night. 

This is another case of an individualized situation. Some people do just fine waking during the night then going back to sleep; others don’t. Many animals sleep in this fashion, and research has suggested that our ancestors may have also done so. The take-home message here is not to be concerned about night-time waking if you feel otherwise rested during the daytime.