How to wash a weighted blanket

Washing your new blanket in the washing machine is simple! Select a bleach-free, gentle detergent, and wash on a delicate cycle with cold or warm water. Keep fabric softeners away from this project. Then, set your dryer to a light or medium setting and periodically fluff the blanket as it dries.


Dreams that we don’t remember may appear as Déjà vu.

Have you visited a place and it seems familiar and can’t figure out why? That could be Déjà vu, a French term that means “already seen,” a feeling of when something seems familiar, even if you haven’t seen or experienced it before.

Some people believe that Déjà vu could be the dreams that we cannot recall and are sometimes thought of as precognitive dreams.


Head lice have a preference for dirty or clean hair.

Head lice, or Pediculus humanus capitis, were once thought to thrive primarily in oily, dirty hair. Sometime after, it was believed that the parasitic insects actually preferred cleaner hair because it allowed for easier mobility. Neither of these assumptions are true. The common louse likes your hair no matter when you last showered.