How to use a sutera pillow

The Sutera Pillow is an orthopedic pillow that has a butterfly shape. This model was created to provide side, back, and stomach sleepers with more comfort. The contours along the sides offer stomach and side sleepers more space to rest their arms while they are sleeping. For back sleepers, some wings will go around their neck for extra support.


While your height stops growing after one hits puberty, your ears and nose are constantly lengthening, and gravity is to blame for this phenomenon.


If you lose some sleep during the week, you can make up for it by sleeping more on the weekend. 

While this approach may indeed help relieve a little of your sleep debt, it will not completely restore your lost sleep. Also, you simply won’t function well during the week if you’re not sleeping enough then, regardless of how much sleep you get on the weekend. Furthermore, remember that your biological clock takes time to adjust to sleep changes, so it’s a bad idea to have an inconsistent sleep schedule like this.