How to use a pregnancy pillow

There are 5 types of pregnancy pillows:

1) Full-length pillow
Place a full-length pregnant pillow on your bed and encircle it with your arms to sleep with it. Choose a comfortable position and pull the cushion near you. Straight and flexible are the two different designs of full-length pregnant pillows.

2) C-shaped pillow
To sleep with a c-shaped pillow, put it on the bed and separate the shape so you can climb in. Put the curve of the “c” against your back. Pull up the top of the pillow to your head, and put the bottom of the pillow between your legs. The entire bottom should reach up close to support your belly.

3) U-shaped pillow
Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes, but U-shaped pillows are the best for back sleepers. With support on both sides, women can snuggle into the middle of the pillow and get support for their back, neck, and head. This makes it easy to transition from side to side without having to adjust the pillow too much.

4) Inflatable pregnancy pillow
Pregnancy pillows are a great way to get comfortable while pregnant, especially if you slept on your stomach before pregnancy.

Inflatable pregnancy pillows are made of similar materials to an air mattress and usually come with a pump, making for easy setup. Simply inflate the pillow to a comfortable level and gently lay on top of it, settling your baby bump into the hole provided. Depending on the material your pillow is made of (normally cloth or vinyl), you may want to place a towel or blanket over it for extra comfort.

5) Pregnancy wedge
A pregnancy wedge is a fantastic option for mothers who have difficulty sleeping. It’s an inexpensive way to achieve support and comes in two shapes — triangles and circles. Using a pregnancy wedge requires no effort: simply place it under the area where you need support, and relax. Pillow Pro Tip:

Pregnancy wedges are perfect for traveling as they don’t take up much space. Keep a small one in your car glove compartment for long drives or road trips!


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