How to use a neck pillow correctly

To use a neck travel pillow, simply blow and inflate it if necessary and place it around your neck like a normal pillow would go. You can also hook it onto one shoulder to have a higher elevation for your head. If you happen to have an extra t-shirt, sweater, or scarf with you, cover the pillow’s outer layer with it for added comfort. Finally, recline in your seat and slowly lean on the pillow so that your neck gets support throughout the journey.


42.6% of single parents sleep less than seven hours per night compared to 32.7% of adults in two-parent homes and 31% of adults with no children.


Children who get insufficient night time sleep will show signs of sleepiness the next day. 

Children are different to adults. An adult will seem tired the day after poor sleep. In contrast, a child will be more active the next day, have behavioral difficulties and a poor attention span. The child may as a result be misdiagnosed with ADHD, when in reality the problem is insufficient sleep.