How to use a maternity pillow

If you’re pregnant and suffer from heartburn, try sleeping propped up. Wedge-shaped pillows are small and portable, making them perfect for on-the-go use. Prop one pillow under your belly when sleeping on your side to ease discomfort throughout the night.


Of major cities in the United States, Boulder, Colorado has the lowest percentage of adults who sleep less than seven hours per night, coming in at 24.2%. Camden, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan tie for the highest rate, with 49.8% of adults in those cities reporting short sleep.


Your brain shuts down for rest while you sleep. 

The truth is that some brain pathways have heightened activity during sleep, particularly those needed for learning and memory. Secretion of specific hormones is also boosted, such as melatonin. Sleep is a necessary and important part of our daily lives – but it serves important functions beyond rest.