How to style couch pillows

To style your couch pillows in the most aesthetically pleasing way, follow these tips:

  • Layer pillows of different sizes. The right size is key to pulling off this look.
  • Stay within a cohesive color palette with your colored pillows.
  • Mixing different textiles creates visual interest and depth.
  • Having fun with pillow patterns will make your couch stand out even more.
  • Choose an odd number of pillows – it’s just more visually appealing that way!


Regular weight training increases the number of calories burned during normal activities. A study found women who incorporated strength training, three times a week into their workout routine, were more likely to maintain their current weight.


Counting sheep helps you fall asleep.

It’s an age old theory that imagining images of sheep and counting them one by one will help to lull you to sleep. However, when scientists at Oxford University ‘s Department of Experimental Psychology put this to the test they found that the opposite could be true.

Volunteers were asked to visualize a range of different scenarios as they tried to go to sleep. On average, those who pictured images of counting sheep took up to 20 minutes longer to fall asleep than those who imagined other scenarios such as a relaxing beach, for example.

The scientists concluded that counting sheep is just too repetitive and boring to occupy enough ‘cognitive space’ in the brain.