How to store bed sheets

Here’s how to store your sheet sets for easy, wrinkle-free access.

For a neater appearance, fold your fitted sheet, flat sheet, and one pillowcase into a rectangle then tuck the entire bundle inside the other pillowcase so everything is aligned with the opening. If there is extra fabric, fold it in to make another rectangle.


Waking up straight from a dream increases dream recall. It is widely known that remembering dreams is difficult. Hence, waking up right after having a dream will boost memory recall.


The Sun is on fire.

When some people picture the Sun, they imagine something like a campfire or an object on fire. But the Sun is actually a ball of gas. It burns thanks to nuclear fusion, which happens in its core. Every second, 700 million tons of hydrogen gets converted into 695 million tons of helium. When this happens, energy is released as gamma rays, which get converted to light. So, the Sun emits light and heat, but it’s not on fire, because there’s no oxygen involved.