How to quilt

Before you start sewing your quilt, it is important to decide on a pattern. If this is going to be your first quilt, choose a simple design for a smaller-sized blanket. Once you have determined the pattern.

  • Prewash your fabric so that it does not shrink after you’ve sewed everything together.
  • Ironing the material will make it much easier to work with and sew straight lines.
  • Measure and cut out all of the pieces for your patchwork according to the chosen pattern.
  • Sew all of these pieces together into rows using a needle and thread or a sewing machine. Be sure to iron these rows as well!


A day on Pluto is lasts for 153.6 hours long.

This equates to 6 days 9 hours and 36 minutes. A day on Pluto lasts so long because of its slow rotation rate.


We have five senses
Besides the five empirical senses (sight/visual, sound/auditory, touch/tactile, taste/gustatory, and smell/olfactory), there are at least four other senses that are rarely cited: proprioception—sensing one’s orientation in space; thermoception—sense of temperature; equilibrioception—sense of balance; and interoception—sense of one’s physiological condition.