How to make an envelope pillowcase

  • Before cutting your fabric, wash it.
  • Press the back piece seam ½”. Fold one edge under ½”, press.
  • Fold the pressed edge under 1″ and press again.
  • Sew a ¼” seam from inside the folded edge.
  • Turn back pieces right-side out.
  • Sew the pillow shut and trim the corners.
  • Finish raw edges by serging or sewing with a zigzag stitch close to the raw edge.


The Sun weighs about 330,000 times more than Earth.

It is about 109 times the diameter of Earth and is so large the Earth could fit inside the sun about 1,300,000 times over!

In fact, the sun is so gigantic that it contains 99.85% of all mass in our solar system.