How to make a T shirt quilt

Before beginning to make your quilt out of shirts, take some time to plan. Wash and dry the T-shirts, then cut them apart. Now that the T-shirts are in pieces, map out a design. Once you have decided on a design for your quilt, trim the panels of t-shirt material to fit that design. Now fuse interfacing onto those same trimmed pieces before sewing the whole project together.


Neptune takes nearly 165 Earth years to make one orbit of the Sun.

That’s equivalent to 60,190 Earth days to orbit the sun once! Neptune has a very slow orbital speed of 3.37 miles per second (5.43 km/s).

This means that since it was discovered in 1846, it has only completed just one orbit!


Humans use only 10% of their brains.

The human brain is quite busy all day and night using about 20% of the body’s resources and never really “turning off” until death. Meanwhile, most every part of the brain is busy doing all sorts of things even when you aren’t paying attention. In fact, various parts of your brain are active all the time, far more than the mythical 10%.

Depending on how you use your brain, and how you care for it, there’s always the possibility of tapping into unrealized potential but it’s not because your gray matter was sitting idle before. Learning a new skill, gaining a new memory, or thinking about a person’s face can all stimulate your brain in different ways but they aren’t activating an unused part. Instead, they are utilizing an active part for a new purpose.