How to hang a quilt on the wall

If you want to hang your quilt without using a rod, you can use self-adhesive strips. Simply adhere the strip to the back of the quilt (parallel with the top edge), just inside the binding. Sew it down using a whip stitch around all four edges. Repeat this process in each corner and every 18 inches or so until you have evenly distributed support for your quilt. Then, simply hang it like you would any large picture!


Light travels from the Sun to the Earth in less than 10 minutes.

The Photons emitted from the Sun’s surface travel across the vacuum of space at the speed of light to reach our eyes in only 8 minutes and 20 seconds.


There are only three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas

Don’t forget plasma. That makes four states. Plasma isn’t some gel or goo, it’s more like superheated ions and electrons. It’s sometimes called “ionized gas.” When cooled, it becomes gas, but then it takes on different properties, too. So it’s not quite right to think of it as a kind of “gas.” Plasma is more like a flame. Lightning, fire, the sun, and the tail of comets are all plasmas.

Most any element or chemical compound can become plasma if heated high enough, but since plasma is just ions and electrons, the molecules have broken down. Water, for example, can be reduced to plasma, but it’s no longer H2O; it’s not even hydrogen or oxygen. And You definitely wouldn’t want to drink it.