How to hand quilt

A beginner-friendly quilt to make is a patchwork quilt. A square patchwork quilt uses fabric squares that are sewn together following a grid pattern. If you’re using your fabrics, cut them into squares yourself, or purchase a precut bundle called a “charm pack” or “layer cake.”


We know more about Mars and our Moon than we do about our oceans.

We have fully mapped 100% of the surface of Mars and Earth’s Moon, whereas we have only been able to map roughly 5% of the ocean floor.


Glass is a high viscosity liquid.

Obviously glass isn’t like water or even like molasses, but could it be characterized as having super high viscosity such that it is an ultra-slow flowing liquid? Well, no. This myth arises from the fact that window glass in older buildings is typically thicker at the base. Supposedly, the glass was evenly thick but gradually “sagged” over time, thickening the base. In reality, glass is categorized as a solid, but in “olden days” it was difficult to get a perfectly even pane of glass using old fashioned methods. When a craftsman made a reasonably flat piece of glass, he would then cut the glass to size, and if one side was thicker than the other, he’d put that side at the bottom for stability. Not everything sags with age.