How to get a cat to use a cat bed

Start by observing where they like to sleep. Most cats prefer warm places that make them feel safe and sheltered but can still see what’s going on around them. Try placing the bed in or near their favorite sleeping spot first and see if they take to it.

Cats like to have some personal space, so it’s best to put their bed in a low-traffic area of your home. This will make them feel more comfortable and less stressed. Some good examples of quiet spots include a spare bedroom, under a table, or a corner in the den or living room.

Placing your cat’s bed near a sunlit window will give it warmth and a good view. Cats love to watch passing birds and other wildlife, so this is the perfect spot for their bed. If you partially conceal the bed with floor-length curtains, your cat will feel even more secure and likely use the bed more often.

Offer your cat treats and praise when it goes to its bed. This will help it form a positive association with the bed. Use lots of verbal praise, and petting, and offer a small treat. Only give rewards when you first see the behavior; don’t disturb your cat while it’s sleeping as this may make it dislike the bed.

And finally, don’t force your cat to use its cat bed!


Almonds are the perfect bedtime snack as they contain sleep-inducing nutrients.

Bananas, cherries and kiwis are other foods that can help you sleep.

Be sure to avoid chocolate, broccoli and steak before bed, as they can have the opposite effect!


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