How to fold bed sheets

Folding bed sheets is a simple task that can save you a lot of time and hassle. To begin, lay your sheet out flat on the ground. Starting from one corner, fold the sheet in half so that the two short corners meet. Then, fold over each side twice until you have created small rectangles. Finally, take the end corners and fold them in towards the center. This should create a neat, compact bundle that can be easily stored away.

Fitted sheets can be more complicated to fold. Here’s how to fold a fitted Sheet:

  1. Drape the fitted sheet over your hands, holding it by the top two corners that are inside out and facing you. The elastic edge should be at the bottom
  2. fold in half, tucking in the corners
  3. Fold again in half so you now have a long rectangle
  4. Lay flat on the bed


People born blind often have difficulty falling asleep.

For people with no way to perceive light, their circadian rhythm (internal clock) is unable to distinguish a day and night cycle.


You should remove sugar entirely from your diet.

There are different types of sugar; that natural sugar can be found in fruit, vegetables, dairy products and grains.

It’s not the “use of sugar that is the problem, but the misuse” of it. Misuse examples: the stuff found in soda, sweets, sugary cereals, flavored yogurts, and sports drinks.