How to dry pillows

After washing your pillows, squeeze out any excess water and put them in the dryer. Be sure not to overload the dryer, as your pillows will expand as they dry. To protect your pillows, set your dryer to a very low heat or choose an air-dry setting. The fibers in pillows can break down under high heat, but a low-heat cycle will keep them safe. For fluffier, faster-drying pillows, add dryer balls or tennis balls to your next load. The bouncing around will help the filling from clumping while they dry. If you use tennis balls, put them inside clean socks first to avoid lint transfer. Dry the pillows in intervals of 45-60 minutes. If you’re using a setting with little to no heat, it might take multiple cycles for the pillows to dry completely. Take them out of the dryer after each cycle and fluff them by shaking them vigorously.


People who work out with a partner are more likely to stick with their fitness regimes.

A study by the University of Aberdeen found that people who worked out with a partner exercised more than those who followed their regular routine alone.

Additionally, the study found that people who offered emotional support and encouragement to their partners were more likely to exercise than partners who only offered practical support, like never missing a session.

So find a friend and encourage each other to meet your fitness goals!


We only use 10 percent of our brains.