How to dry bed sheets

By tumble drying your sheets in a low-heat setting, you can reduce wrinkling and wear. Moreover, it helps keep fitted sheets fitted since dryer heat may damage elastic otherwise. Ultimately, avoid using dryer sheets as they weaken fabric fibers and cause pilling over time.


Full moons have been linked to difficulty sleeping. 

Even in sleep labs’ windowless rooms that don’t have environmental and time-based cues, full moons have been observed shortening and disturbing sleep cycles. To this day, it remains unexplained by science.


Plants need carbon dioxide.

Plants do need carbon dioxide (CO2) to live. Plants and forests remove and store away huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. But the problem is, there’s only so much carbon dioxide they can absorb and this amount is getting less, as more and more forests are cut down across the world, largely to produce our food.  

Let’s be clear, CO2 itself does not cause problems. It’s part of the natural global ecosystem. The problem is the quantity of CO2 that’s being produced by us as humans; there hasn’t been this level of CO2 in the atmosphere for 800,000 years.