How to choose a mattress

The best mattress for you is dependent on your most common sleeping position. Without proper support from your mattress, you may experience pain and restless nights.

Back sleepers

  • If you sleep on your back, a firmer mattress will provide better support for your spine and improve the quality of your sleep.

side sleepers

  • Side-sleepers need to look for a mattress that is soft, yet supportive to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. Many side sleepers find memory foam or pillow top mattresses perfect for providing this ideal balance.

Stomach sleepers

  • A mattress that stomach sleepers will love should provide a solid support for the spine. If it’s too soft, you might wake up feeling stiffness and pain. A hybrid or foam mattress is usually best. See our favorite options here!

Combination sleepers

  • If you move around a lot in your sleep, you’re considered a combination sleeper. Since people who are combination sleepers tend to turn over frequently, they must find a mattress that is comfortable in any position. A medium-firm mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and support for people who move around while they sleep. Memory foam mattresses might not be the best option for people who are combo sleepers because the body contouring benefits can make it difficult to change positions and leave them feeling stuck.


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