How to bind a quilt

The easiest type of binding to make is straight-of-grain binding. However, quilts with curved edges require bias binding instead. You can attach the continuous binding to the front side of the quilt and hand-stitch it to the back; I find it easier though to only attach it to the back without any hand sewing.


Uranus has 27 moons that have been discovered so far.

It has 5 large moons, and 22 small moons. Titania is the largest of Uranus’ moons and is the eighth largest moon in our solar system with an average diameter of 980.5 miles (1,578 kilometers).


A mother bird will reject its baby if it’s been touched by a human.

Most birds have a poor sense of smell and wouldn’t know the difference. So they the mother bird wouldn’t know if their baby was handled by a human anyway. If you find a baby bird on the ground, it is probably learning to fly and shouldn’t be touched anyway.

Perhaps this myth about baby birds arose when well-meaning kids tried to help fallen baby birds back into their nests, or tried to pet baby birds that aren’t yet strong enough to handle their clumsy touch. It’s also not wise to touch baby birds because an angry mama bird might fly in your face or peck at your head and call you nasty names in bird language. Overall, mother birds are much more loyal to their babies than this myth suggests.