How to arrange pillows on a bed

Achieve a classic pillow arrangement by starting with two standard pillows. Then, place two more standard pillows directly in front of the first set. Next, add two accent pillows and finish with 2 bolsters. This formation takes only a few seconds to assemble and leaves your bed looking hotel fresh–proving that sometimes simpler is better.


Gardening can be an effective way to build strength throughout your body. Though you might just think of lifting weights when it comes to building muscle, there are lots of other ways to build strength.


Sleeping less keeps you thin.

It may not seem unreasonable to assume that spending less time sleeping means you will have a more active lifestyle, burning up  more calories and therefore staying fitter and trimmer.

However, the latest research shows that cutting back on your sleep can actually have the opposite effect, increasing the chance that you will become overweight and even obese.

Lack of sleep suppresses our natural appetite-depressants, while fueling appetite-increasers, often leading to weight gain. A 2004 study by Stanford University found that sleep loss caused significant changes in the levels of a hormone called grehlin, which triggers appetite.