How often should bed sheets be washed?

Many individuals should consider washing their sheets at least once a week. If you’re not using your bed every day, then it might be possible to push this schedule back until every two weeks. Some people need to clean their sheets more frequently than their weekly washes.


False awakening dream is when someone mistakenly thinks they have woken up.

This type of dream is when someone thinks they have woken up and does actions like cooking, eating, cleaning, or using the bathroom, while, in fact, they are still sleeping.

Interestingly, false awakening dreams can happen repeatedly, sometimes even up to 10 times where the dreamer can’t tell if they are already awake or not.


Going past the edge of space makes you weightless.

Most scientists agree space begins 62 miles up, where the Earth’s atmosphere is more or less a vacuum.

Yet going past this line does not magically make you weightless. If you’re in an accelerating rocket, you will feel many times Earth’s gravity. It’s only when you start falling that you feel weightless.

This is what it means to orbit something: to seemingly fall forever around that object. The moon around the Earth, the Earth around the sun, the solar system around the Milky Way Galaxy. They’re all falling into one another in a crazy cosmic dance.