How often do hotels change bed sheets?

The answer to this question varies from hotel to hotel. Some establishments rotate their sheets and towels regularly according to guidelines and regulations, changing them once every three days. Others will only switch out the linens if a guest requests it specifically. Keep your home clean and healthy by switching to organic bedding, check out our site for a wide selection to choose from!


Animals have dreams, too.

Who says only humans can dream? Almost all animals, whether aquatic, terrestrial, or aerial, engage in mental activity while sleeping, just like humans.

Hence, it’s not uncommon to see dogs’ paws move like they’re running while sleeping.


Bears hibernate.

Ask anyone which animal comes to mind when they hear the word “hibernate” and their response will likely be a brown or black bear. It may be common to picture a burly, fattened-up mama grizzly slumbering away in her winter den deep in the woods while the white snow blankets everything in sight.

This follows with the dangerous misconception that sleeping bears are nearly impossible to arouse during the winter months. True hibernation occurs when an animal drastically lowers their body temperature to nearly match their surroundings, and sleeps through the winter. Hibernating animals, like woodchucks, appear lifeless and are not easily awakened.