How much yarn for a blanket?

When beginning a knitting project, make sure you have enough yarn. This is especially important for blankets since they usually require a lot more yarn than other objects. As far as how much specifically, one yard per stitch is generally the amount needed for baby blankets while 300-330 yards will be sufficient for twin bed-size blankets.


Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System.

Earth is the largest rocky planet in the Solar System. Jupiter and the other gas giants are larger, but more than 90% of their mass is in the form of gas. Its density is 1.33 g/cm³, in contrast to Earth’s, which is 5.51 g/cm³.

Despite the fact that Jupiter has a radius of 69,911 km compared to Earth’s 6,371 km, Jupiter is far less dense than the Earth. The only planet which comes close to Earth’s density is Mercury, at 5.43 g/cm³.


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