Do dogs like dog beds?

While it may not be immediately apparent, dogs need beds just as much as we do. In fact, there are several reasons why dog beds are beneficial for both puppies and adult dogs alike: A place of their own: Just like puppies feel safe and at home in their cages, a dog bed is a place where adult dogs can be the master of their domain.


Nearly 30,000 rubber ducks were lost at sea in 1992 and are still being discovered today.

Several years ago, a cargo ship traveling from Hong Kong to the United States accidentally lost a shipping crate in the Pacific Ocean. Inside that crate were 28,000 rubber ducks unwittingly about to embark on many long journeys across the globe. As rubber ducks continue to pop up on shores from Australia to Alaska, they’ve enlightened our understanding of ocean currents. Some have made it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean while others have been found frozen in Arctic ice.