Can you wash satin pillowcases?

Only use a gentle detergent when washing your satin pillowcase. Using cool water is also key to maintaining the fabric; avoid hot or warm water at all costs as it will cause irreversible damage.


There are more than 1,600 major volcanoes across the surface of Venus, including a 5 mile (8 km) high volcano called Maat Mons.

However, none of these volcanoes are known to be erupting at present and most are probably long extinct.


Blood is blue in your body.

A widely shared myth is that blood is blue until it is exposed to air or replenishes its oxygen. Because veins are a greenish-blue, that theory sounds reasonable enough. But the fact is, human blood looks the same in your body as outside: red. That hue is brighter when it’s oxygen-rich, and darker when it needs that oxygen replenished, but it’s red all the same. The tissue covering your veins affects how the light is absorbed and scattered, which is why the blood circulating your body looks blue.