Can you wash goose down pillows?

The best way to wash goose down pillows is gentle and with little sudsing laundry detergent. Using too much detergent can cause soap residue and make the feathers clump together. It’s important to use less detergent than normal and set your washing machine on a delicate cycle to avoid damaging the feather filling.


The sudden feeling of falling while you sleep is called a myoclonic jerk.

It sounds more like an insult, but I’m sure we’ve all experienced being startled awake by a falling sensation. Scientifically, there is still no explanation for why we get myoclonic jerks. However, anxiety, caffeine and physical activity close to bedtime makes a myoclonic jerk more likely. They are also more frequent in younger people.


 A “detox” is the best way to help start dieting.

We’ve all got that friend who talks up their week-long “detox” of drinking only lemon juice and cayenne pepper, or going on an all-liquid diet. But while the purging of toxins may seem like it would be a healthy thing, especially after a long weekend of drinking, it’s not likely to have many legitimate health benefits.