Can you wash an electric blanket?

Nearly all modern electric blankets can be washed in your washing machine; however, it’s suggested a delicate or gentle cycle that is only a few minutes long. A rinse and spin cycle should follow the brief wash.


Earth’s water came from various sources.

The biggest source was water vapor in the eruption clouds of early Earth’s volcanoes. Water vapor was also in the gases slowly pouring out of dormant volcanoes and other geological formations on early Earth. Comets impacting the planet added more water. As the planet cooled, water vapor turned liquid and rained down on the surface. Over hundreds of millions of years, the liquid water gathered and grew, forming pools, lakes, rivers, seas, and finally the oceans.


Water your orchids with ice cubes.

This is a common and persistent idea passed on by a certain seller of orchids. I’m sure that you are well aware that orchids are a tropical plant that will not survive outside in a cold climate. Also, you may be aware that most orchids are epiphytes, which means that they grow on another plant, like a tree, but aren’t parasitic.

They just sort of sit there and absorb their nutrients through their roots, not from the plant that they are sitting on. They get watered whenever it rains, which isn’t always on a schedule. They also get water that isn’t cold at all. Think about how warm the rain is on a summer day, now think about how cold an ice cube is. Very cold. So you are shocking the roots by keeping them at room temp and then putting ice cubes on the roots, which are made for the tropics, not for the arctic.