Can you use twin XL sheets on a twin bed?

Yes, a Twin XL fitted sheet can go over a standard Twin mattress, but there will be excess fabric at the end of the bed. You could tuck in the extra material to give the illusion of a better fit.


Lucid dream is when dreamers know they are dreaming.

A lucid dream is like directing a movie in your sleep. The person is aware they are dreaming. In addition, dreams appear to be clear and real, and people can even control what they do in the dream. Some studies suggest that lucid dreams seldom happen, and only about half of the human population experiences this.


Tectonic plates move because volcanism pushes them apart.

Older edges of a tectonic plate are cooler and denser, causing them to sink into the mantle where they’re recycled. Where two plates are being yanked apart by this sinking, ocean ridges appear.

That’s where the tectonic plate is being built — by hot, buoyant rock that connects upward and emerges from the stretched-out weak point. The resulting volcanism isn’t what pulls two plates apart.