Can you put silk pillowcases in the dryer?

No! You should NEVER put them in the dryer. Air dry them instead to avoid damaging your silk pillowcases.


According to mathematics, white holes are possible, although as of yet we have found none.

A white hole is a hypothetical region of space-time which can’t be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from within.

Basically, it’s the reverse of a black hole.


Dinosaurs were scaly beasts.

The giant, scaly lizards you see in Jurassic Park probably don’t look that close to what actual dinosaurs looked like. While scientists are still debating what the oldest and biggest species were covered with, one thing is for sure: At least some had feathers.

Velociraptor arm fossils have bumps that look just like the ones keeping modern birds’ wings in place, and the bones of a Siberian species discovered in 2014 were surrounded by imprints of feathers. While some scientists argue larger species like the Tyrannosaurus rex didn’t need big feathers, others theorize that they had at least some form of light feathering, like how elephants are mammals but don’t have thick fur.