Can you put pillows in the dryer to kill bed bugs?

Bedbugs don’t survive well in high temperatures. If you’re concerned about them living in your pillows, put the pillow in the dryer on a medium to high setting for 20-30 minutes. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions first, though! This will kill bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle.


Light affects your sleeping habits.

Our body clock is also known as Circadian rhythm. This internal clock primarily responds to light cues. It creates more melatonin at night, and less when it senses light in the morning.

Thus, exposure to light late at night and dark environments in the morning can throw off a person’s circadian rhythm. Because of the reversed cues, the body tends to reverse the melanin production needed to sleep. There’s one for sleep facts that’ll explain your messed-up body clock.


Cracking Knuckles leads to arthritis.

Cracking your knuckles may be super annoying and may result in people not wanting to sit near you for a prolonged period. But it’s not going to give you early-onset arthritis, as some might have you believe.

This old wives’ tale comes from early speculation used before there was a better understanding of what exactly happens when one cracks their knuckles. The ‘crack’ is simply the popping of bubbles in the fluid that lubricates the hands, known as synovial fluid. While this practice does not cause arthritis, it does have some negative consequences as it has been found that it can lead to reduced grip strength and swelling in the hands.