Can you get HPV from bed sheets?

Potentially, although the main method of transmission is through direct sexual contact or, less frequently, skin-to-skin contact during sexual acts, HPV has been observed to transmit through fomites (inanimate items), such as clothing and bedclothes.


Women need more sleep than men. 

According to a U.K. study, women need 20 more minutes of sleep than men. The researcher attributed women’s tendency to multi-task and use more parts of their brain as the reason for the additional time needed. Now that’s one for interesting sleep facts.


The “dark side” of the moon.

It’s easy to think this, since we never see it, but the far side of the moon isn’t always dark. It goes through the same lunar phases as the near side, which faces the Earth, but in reverse.

When there’s a new (and very dark) moon on the near side, for example, that means there’s a full moon on the far side. We just can’t see it from our earthbound vantage point.

So yes, there is a “dark side” to the moon — but it’s always moving and sometimes faces Earth directly.