Can I use bed sheets to make face masks?

A study investigating the use of household materials to make face masks found that cotton material and pillowcases are some of the best choices, coming in at 50-60% effectiveness. This is because they’re breathable and even more importantly, they can trap small virus particles (which are a similar size to the coronavirus). The results also leaned favorably toward antimicrobial materials which kill 99.9% of microorganisms.


Stress may result in bizarre dreams.

Have you ever wonder why some of your dreams are so strange? Generally, bizarre dreams may be a result of stress or routine change. Also, watching a scary movie or reading a newspaper before going to bed, may cause strange dreams to happen.


Black holes are like vacuums.

As we learn more and more about black holes, experts are more likely to compare them to Venus flytraps than vacuums. Black holes don’t suck up everything nearby; instead, they sit pretty dormant, then if a star approaches it and gets too close, the black hole becomes active. And still, only some of the objects nearby get ripped apart by the black hole.