Can bamboo pillows be washed?

While machine-washing or hand-washing is an option for bamboo pillows, it’s best to use tepid water and gentle detergent that doesn’t contain bleach. To ensure the pillow retains its shape, use the delicate cycle on your washing machine.


The average person spends 38.5 total days brushing their teeth over their lifetime.


Egg yolks are bad for you.

The delicious yellow center of eggs get a bad rap from health reports, we should reconsider the belief that egg yolk can cause heart disease or atherosclerosis due to its “bad cholesterol.”

Maybe because people only got to know the health benefits of egg yolk only recently, but egg yolk is recommended for everyone unless allergic, even people with heart disease as it is loaded with HDL which is a good cholesterol and actually counteracts the effects of bad cholesterol.